Announcements for the week of February 17, 2013

VBS Meeting -A meeting will be held after church next Sunday (February 24) for anyone interested in helping with VBS this summer.  There will also be a Sunday School teacher’s meeting following the VBS meeting (to plan for Easter).  Both meetings will be short.  If you can’t attend and are interested in helping with VBS, please let Amy Folmsbee know.

Penny War -Our Penny War begins today, and will continue until Palm Sunday.  Sunday School children are encouraged to bring in change each week and use it to gain points for their class, or reduce the points of another class.  This year we are raising money to buy bed netting to protect children in Africa from mosquito bites that cause malaria.  One child dies every 60 seconds in Africa from this flu-like illness.  Our goal is to raise $500, which will provide 50 bed nets and save at least 50 children’s lives.  If you want to donate to our project, you may give your donation to a Sunday School student, or place it in the Penny War container located in the chapel.  Thank you for your help as we “go to war” against the devil and his evil ways.

2013 Flower Chart- the new Flower Chart is posted in the narthex. If you would like to donate flowers for a particular Sunday, just write your name alongside the date. You can order a centerpiece for $35.00 or two vases for $45.00.

Lenten Devotionals – are available on the glass case. Please feel free take one.

Special Mission – LADD (Lutheran Association for the Developmentally Disabled) is our designated mission for February.  LADD is a local Lutheran organization that provides special camps, programs, and funding for individuals with disabilities.  As an example, when a developmentally disabled couple from Grace needed handicapped accessible transportation to attend our church services, LADD provided the necessary funding each week.  Many of our members help to raise funds by working at the LADD Shop on Buffalo Avenue.  If you wish to support this mission, please place your donation in the Special Mission Envelope found in your envelope box.

Niagara Hospice Bouquets – If you would like to place a bouquet on the altar on Mar. 10 please give your name and $8 to Jane Schulz (or place an envelope in her church mailbox) by Sun. Mar. 3. You may take your bouquet home after worship service.

Young Adult Conference – St. Paul Lutheran Church in Eden, NY is hosting an event entitled “Speak, we are listening…” on Sat. February 23 from 1-4:00 p.m. The purpose is to gain insight from Young Adults and in doing, better understand how to minister to this group. Come find out what a new generation really thinks about Christianity… and Why it Should Matter to the Church! Anyone is welcome to join Pastor Sorenson for this program.


9:00 am SS/Bible Class
9:00 am Youth Sunday School
10:30 am Comm. Worship Service

6:30 pm Community AA Meeting

7:00 pm Bible Study
7:00 pm Church Council Meeting

9:30 am Bible Study
10:30 am Craft Group
5:45 pm Simple Supper
6:30 pm Lenten Worship
7:15 pm Choir Practice

9-2 pm Blood Drive

9:00 am SS/ Bible Class
10:30 am Comm. Worship Service
11:30 am Young Life Presentation
11:40 am VBS/SS Meeting
11:40 am Coffee Fellowship

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