Announcements for April 15, 2018

Newsletter Party: Please join us Wednesday, April 25th at Noon to assemble The Gleanings! Many hands make light work! No technical ability needed, we will be folding and applying the address labels so that The Gleanings can be mailed on time.

Food for the Poor and the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod have much in common. In a number of countries in the Caribbean and Latin America where both the LCMS and Food for the Poor are engaged Food for the Poor has assisted the work of our church. 9 Lutheran schools in Guatemala were aided by FFP under the guidance of the Lutheran Church of Guatemala Pastor Bruce Rudolf, a LCMS pastor, will be with us on April 29th to speak about this ministry.

APRIL SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES have been designated to establish a Benevolence Fund at Grace.  This fund will be an ongoing resource for Pastor Bahr’s use in his ministry for emergency situations he may encounter, such as an immediate need for food, gasoline, payment of a utility bill, overnight housing, etc.  Often when this type of need arises, it is of an urgent nature.  Having a Benevolence Fund available will ensure that those in need of assistance can receive the help they require.  If you would like to assist in establishing this fund, please place your special mission envelope in the offering plate during April.  Benevolence Fund envelopes located in the chapel and narthex may also be used to donate to this fund.

The Historical Society of North German Settlements will meet Thursday, April 19, at  7 P.M. at the Wheatfield Community Center, St. Johnsburg.  The video about our North German communities, that was filmed here and shown on German television, has been translated to English.  We will be viewing it on large screen, so come and enjoy!

GRACE LADIES would like to invite the congregation to a Soup Supper on April 24th @ 6pm, with Guest Speaker Chet Ferry, The Bread Man, who will be sharing his “Bread-time Stories”. Each guest will also receive a homemade loaf of bread. Please sign up on the Glass-Case by April 15th to ensure there is enough bread and soup for everyone!

GRACE GAME NIGHT: April 27th @ 5:30-8 PM. Bring a friend and your favorite game, and let’s play together!  Games, toys and activities for young children will be available.  Food provided.

Ascension Day BBQ – There is a sign-up sheet on the Glass case. We need side dishes and desserts.


Registration is now available!  You can register online at, or pick up a paper copy and return it to Lacey Bahr’s church box (or send it to the church office).

Items are needed for decorating and story telling! At each entrance, please use the blue boards to see what we need.  If you are going to purchase or lend us an item, please TAKE THE STICKER off the board and bring it home as your reminder.  Items can be brought as soon as you have them; we will store them until VBS.

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