Announcements for 2/10/19

ANNUAL TOILET TISSUE COLLECTION for Heart, Love, and Soul begins and will continue through February.  As we all know, this is an item that is used every day, and yet it cannot be purchased with benefit cards.  Tables are available in the narthex or chapel for your donations.

YOUNG LIFE’S annual fundraising dinner at Classics V is scheduled for March 28th at 6 PM.  If you are interested in attending, please sign up on the glass case.  This is a free dinner showcasing the work of Young Life.  There is an opportunity to donate during the dinner if you wish to support this organization.  Dick Crawford would be happy to answer any questions you have about Young Life or the fundraising dinner.

FEBRUARY SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES are designated to support Rev. Duane Meissner, a Lutheran pastor serving as a long-term missionary in Belize, where he lives with his wife and four young children (3 adopted).  Belize is a Central American country on the southern border of Mexico.  Pastor Meissner is a former vicar of Pastor Bahr.  When he began his missionary work in Belize, there were no Lutheran churches in the country.  He has established one congregation and is now working to establish a second.  There is much work left to do in Belize, since most still follow a religion loosely based in Catholicism, but including the worship of deceased ancestors and the frequent sacrifice of animals.  If you wish to support his ministry, please place your mission envelope in the offering plate before the end of February.

THIS WEEK choir rehearsals will resume on Wednesday at 7 PM.  We are scheduled to sing next Sunday, so it is important that you attend this week if at all possible.  New members are welcome–we have saved you a chair!  Please see Maye Smith or Ross Folmsbee with any questions you may have.

ATTENTION THRIVENT MEMBERS:  If you have investments with Thrivent Financial, it is time to check your account for Choice Dollars that may be available to donate to a charity of your choice (including Grace).  All Thrivent investment members earn these dollars, and they will disappear if you do not designate them for donation.  The deadline for designating 2018 Choice Dollars is March 31.  Just log into your account online, click on “Choice Dollars”, and follow the directions.  It only takes a couple of minutes.

Please plan to stay after worship for a few minutes on Sunday, February 17th when Lyle Heggemeier with NATURAL CHURCH DEVELOPMENT will be presenting results of our church development survey.  This is an important first step of the Natural Church Development process.

BAKER’S NEEDED!  Homemade baked goods are needed for an upcoming Grace Ladies Bake Sale being held on Saturday, March 2nd.  Please use the sign-up sheet on the glass display case if you can help bake.

Robert and Doreen Herbst would like to extend a THANK YOU to the Christmas Carolers of Grace who visited them this past Christmas and for the beautiful poinsettia plant.

Please see the glass display case for info. on the many events taking place at ST. JOHN LUTHERAN SCHOOL.

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