Announcements for 6/30/19

PLEASE WELCOME Pastor Mark Auernhamer from St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in North Tonawanda.  Pastor Auernhamer will be assisting our Elders today with the sermon, absolution and Holy Communion.

SOCKS, UNDERWEAR, & SCHOOL SUPPLIES:  Beginning next Sunday and continuing until Rally Day on September 8th, Social Ministries will have tables available in the chapel and narthex to accept donations of socks, underwear, and school supplies for our Niagara Falls school children in need.  (Please note that this project is separate from the project for Nebraska.)  Jane Hughes, who spent many years as a teacher in our city’s school system, has shared that there is an acute need for help in our city’s inner city schools.  Please feel free to ask her about the need if you have questions.  All of your gifts will be distributed by the teachers and school nurses, which ensures that your gifts will be placed directly into the hands of local children that are most in need. 

SOMETHING NEW THIS YEAR:  As soon as they are available, we will have school supply lists available by grade for those who may wish to supply all needed school supplies for one or more Niagara Falls school children.  If you would like to “adopt a virtual student”, you can pick up a list from the donation tables for your preferred grade, purchase everything on the list, and bring the items back in a paper bag (or book bag) with the supply list attached to the outside.  These bags will be distributed by our inner city teachers in September to a child who would otherwise not have the supplies needed for a successful school year.

OUR OLDEST LIVING MEMBER, Geraldine Merlin, will turn 102 on July 11th.  If you would like to send her well wishes for her birthday, you may drop off a greeting card in the office by next Sunday and we will take care of forwarding all cards to her.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO DONATE to our June special mission, Camp Pioneer, located on the shore of Lake Erie in Angola and owned by LCMS Eastern District.  Camp Pioneer offers daily admission passes including beach access and picnic areas, cottage rentals, camps and retreats for all ages, and special camps for military families, developmentally challenged, foster children, and inner-city youth.  They also host many special events and retreats.  As you can imagine, keeping our camp and its programs up and running becomes more expensive each year.  If you would like to support Camp Pioneer and its mission of sharing the love of Christ, you may use your special mission envelope or the convenience envelopes in the pews.  If you use the pew envelopes, please clearly mark it for “June special mission Camp Pioneer”.

HELP FLOOD VICTIMS:  Our Thrivent Action Team here at Grace is seeking donations from members of socks, underwear, footwear, and outfits for children 10 and under affected by the devastating floods in Fremont, Nebraska.  In addition, we will be shopping for items to help these young children who are living in temporary housing shelters.  All items will be shipped to them on July 1st.  Thank you for your generosity.  John Loss

HOLY COMMUNION SCHEDULE CHANGE.  Please note thatHoly Communion will be on the 1st and 4th Sunday’s in July.  This will be July 7th and 28th.


Check out the board of VBS needs, located in the fellowship hall.  Take a sticker as your reminder and bring items to the table.

ALL volunteers keep Saturday, July 13th on your calendars.  10:00 AM – 12:30 PM will be decor creation; 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM will be volunteer training.  Lunch is provided at noon.

Please keep attending families in your prayers.  God will bring them to us; pray that their hearts are ready for the Word of God.

INVITE! Neighbors, friends, family…this event is for children ages 3 (potty-trained) to entering 6th grade.

WILL WE MAKE IT TO THE END . . . WITH ENOUGH? Fear and anxiety cause many to tightly clench their fists during life. Despite promises for provision, some won’t believe. For all, leaving a portion to honor God confesses saving faith in a planned response of gratitude. For more information, contact Robert Wirth, LCMS Foundation Gift Planner @ robert.wirth (at) lfnd (dot) org or 716-863-4427.

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