Announcements for 8/18/19

If you see a new face in the choir loft this morning, please wave HI!  Jeffrey Crane is our guest organist and is filling in for Maye Smith today.

THREE WEEKS REMAIN for our summer mission project.  We are accepting donations of all types of school supplies until Rally Day to help Niagara Falls school children get off to the best possible start in September.  Your gifts may be left on the tables available in the chapel or narthex.  Thank you for your generous support of this annual mission project.

SPONSOR A STUDENT:  This year we are offering an alternative option for supporting Niagara Falls school children in need.  School supply lists for Niagara Falls Harry Abate Elementary School are now available in folders on the donation tables in the chapel and narthex.  Feel free to take a list from the grade of your choice.  Purchase ALL the supplies on the list, place the items in a paper bag (or book bag), attach the list to the outside of the bag, and leave the bag on (or under) the table.  There is a critical need for supplies at this inner city school. Your gifts will be distributed by the teachers directly to a local student that they know has a need.  Thank you for your generosity toward our children.

PLEASE NOTE:  Several of the school supply lists request ear buds or ear phones.  Hint–there are nice models available for $5 or less at Five Below in the strip plaza located in the Walmart shopping complex.  You may be able to find them even cheaper than $5 if you watch the sales.

SOCKS & UNDERWEAR:  Our inner city children are also in need of socks and underwear for the coming school year.  While these items are taken for granted by most of us, they are considered a luxury by families that are struggling to provide the basics needed for everyday life.  Grace members have given generously to this annual mission project for several years, and our school nurses have come to depend on us as partners as they try to provide for the dignity of the children in their care.  Boxes are available in the chapel and narthex to accept your gifts.  Thank you for your help.

THANK YOU to Wendy Coleman, Ron & Jane Schulz, the Bahr Family and the Bahr’s friend William for helping to get The Gleanings, signed, sealed and delivered!!!

AUGUST SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES are designated to support the LUTHERAN CENTER FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY (LCRL).  Nearly two centuries ago, immigrants that would form the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) came to the U.S. seeking religious freedom.  Today, the freedoms they sought are eroding.  That is why LCMS has recently established the “Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty” in Washington, D.C.  Your donations will support this group as they work to protect our religious rights.  If you would like to know more about this initiative, please visit  To support LCRL, place your special mission envelope in the offering plate during August.

GENTLY USED PURSES ARE NEEDED for a mission that Social Ministries is working on in cooperation with the Magdalene Project.  Your old purses will be filled with toiletries and feminine products and gifted to homeless and destitute women in Niagara Falls.  A box for your purses is located in our Donation Center in the coatroom near the parking lot door.  Please see Robin Stephenson with questions.  Robin is also looking for some volunteers to help fill the purses.  If you are interested, please speak with her.

FLU SHOT CLINIC:  Mark your calendars for September 22nd.  Rite Aid will again be offering flu shots after worship on that day.  Most insurances are accepted.

RALLY DAY is on September 8th, only three weeks from today!  Sunday School and Bible Class will resume on that day, and there will be a congregational picnic after worship.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks are provided.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share if you are able and plan to stay after service for good food and fellowship.

CHOIR PRACTICE will resume on Wednesday, September 11th at 7 PM.  We are in need of new members to add to the group.  A seat is saved for you.  Please plan to join us and have some fun singing your praises to God.

Registration forms for the upcoming LWML EASTERN DISTRICT’S FALL RETREAT, “Listen, Look, Leap” based on Proverbs 3:5-6 can be found on the glass display case.  Author of “Pew Sisters” Katie Schuermann will be the guest speaker.  Event to take place September 20th – 22nd at Pioneer Camp and Retreat Center, Inc.

ALTAR FLOWERS are offered to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Richard Krull, who passed away 25 years ago, by the Wendt, Krull and Syuwrs families.

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