Announcements for 11/24/19

THANK YOU for your generous donations to this year’s HARVEST FOOD COLLECTION.  Donations can still be added to the tables until Thanksgiving Eve.  We will be delivering your gifts to St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry later in the week so that they can restock their pantry for the upcoming Christmas season.  St. Vincent has received numerous requests for assistance, and they are extremely grateful for our partnership in helping our neighbors in need.

OUR FREEZER IS NO LONGER EMPTY!  Donations of turkeys and hams are starting to come in!  We are accepting turkeys and hams to help the Community Mission and the Lord’s Day Dinners provide holiday meals for the poor and homeless in Niagara Falls.  The sales have started!  If you choose to support this mission and need help with carrying to our downstairs freezer, please ask an usher for assistance.  We will continue to accept donations until December 15.

NOVEMBER SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES are designated for “Help and Hope for Homeless, Inc.”  Help and Hope is a local charity working with homeless, or near-homeless, individuals and families that have a true desire to improve their situation, connecting them with the help they need to become productive and self-sufficient.  We encourage you to speak with the following members of Grace:  John Loss (founder and board President), Sue Loss (board secretary), or Robin Stephenson (board member) about Help and Hope’s efforts to assist the homeless in our community.  If you wish to support this organization, please place your special mission envelope in the offering plate before the end of November.  (If you have signed up for the new e-giving option, you can donate to special missions online.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to Crystal Michel, who is our oldest member.  Crystal will turn 99 on Thanksgiving Day.  Don’t forget to drop off your birthday greeting card in the office today, and Denise will get them in the mail (or perhaps send one on your own if you prefer).

CLEAN GENTLY USED COATS AND BLANKETS:  If you have either of them and would like them to find a good home, please speak with Robin Stephenson or give her a call (471-7976).  She will deliver them to Niagara Falls agencies that can give them directly to a client in need.

The flowers on our ALTAR today are placed to the Glory of God and in Thanksgiving for our families; parents (Kroening & Herfurth), children (Jonathan & Katelyn), and the family of believers at Grace – by Ross & Amy Folmsbee and Ron & Jane Schulz.  
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