Announcements for 1/5/20

READINGS.  Please note that today’s readings are different than those printed on the back of the bulletin.  Old Testament Reading:  Isaiah 60:1-6, Epistle:  Ephesians 3:1-12, Holy Gospel:  Matthew 2:1-12.

GRACE’S CHURCH DIRECTORY.  After service today stop by the sign-up table in the Fellowship Hall to reserve your photography session appointment.  Appointments taken between 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM, February 11th – February 13th (Tuesday thru Thursday) right here at Grace.  You can also sign-up on-line . . . visit Grace’s website ( scroll to the bottom of the home page, find the photography advertisement, and click on the link.  Please note that his link will be temporarily disabled on Sunday mornings to allow for sign-up in the Fellowship Hall.

CHOIR REMINDER:  Our next choir practice will be held on February 19.  Thank you for your dedication to singing all of the special music during Advent and Christmas, and enjoy your time off!  If anyone would like to sing a solo or small group song in January or February, please speak to Maye or Ross.

JANUARY MISSION ENVELOPES are designated to support Young Life, an international youth organization with local chapters whose purpose is to bring teens to the knowledge of our loving Savior.  Several of our youth are, or have been, involved in Young Life.  Their annual fundraising dinner is scheduled for March 26.  Donations in January will allow us to submit our gifts early enough to be included in the list of supporters at the dinner.  We will also reserve a table for the dinner in March, so if you are interested in attending, watch for a sign up sheet which will be available soon.  Dick Crawford has been active with Young Life for many years and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

SOCIAL MINISTRIES will meet next Sunday after worship.  Please plan to attend as we begin our planning for the new year.

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