Announcements for 1/12/20

JANUARY MISSION ENVELOPES are designated to support Young Life, an international youth organization with local chapters whose purpose is to bring teens to the knowledge of our loving Savior.  Several of our youth are, or have been, involved in Young Life.  Their annual fundraising dinner is scheduled for March 26.  Donations in January will allow us to submit our gifts early enough to be included in the list of supporters at the dinner.  We will also reserve a table for the dinner in March, so if you are interested in attending, watch for a sign up sheet which will be available soon.  Dick Crawford has been active with Young Life for many years and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

SOCIAL MINISTRIES will meet today after worship.  New members are welcome to attend as we begin our planning for the new year.

THANK YOU for your donations to our Advent Giving Tree.  Your gifts will help Summit Life Resources, Heart, Love & Soul, Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission, and the Magdalene Project.  All four of these agencies are located in Niagara Falls and are doing wonderful work as they assist our neighbors in need.

NIGHTS LIGHTS (grades 4-6) is meeting this Friday, January 17th, 7-9 pm.  The topic is dinosaurs.  When did they live?  What does the Bible say?  Bring a friend and a snack to share. Parents are invited to attend. Contact: Lacey Bahr 716-525-5134.

PEW SISTERS meets this Thursday, January 16th, 6-8 pm. Un-claimed books are still available, so invite a friend. Treats provided.

THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF NORTH GERMAN SETTLEMENTS invites members and the public to come to our annual Memories meeting on Thursday, January 16, 2020. We will share and discuss memories of days gone by.  The meeting will be at the Wheatfield Community Center, 2790 Church Rd in Wheatfield at 2:00 pm.  Refreshments will be served.

GLEANINGS submissions for the February/March edition are due by Wednesday, January 15th.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.  We are in need of greeters for Grace’s upcoming photography sessions taking place in February.  Volunteers will be greeting families, providing families with paperwork to be completed prior to their photo session and keeping the flow of traffic within the building running smoothly.  A sign-up sheet can be found on the glass display case.

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