Announcements for 1/19/20

JANUARY MISSION ENVELOPES are designated to support Young Life, an international youth organization with local chapters whose purpose is to bring teens to the knowledge of our loving Savior.  Several of our youth are, or have been, involved in Young Life.  Their annual fundraising dinner is scheduled for March 26.  Donations in January will allow us to submit our gifts early enough to be included in the list of supporters at the dinner.  We will also reserve a table for the dinner in March, so if you are interested in attending, watch for a sign up sheet which will be available soon.  Dick Crawford has been active with Young Life for many years and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

ANNUAL BATHROOM TISSUE COLLECTION:  Beginning in February, we will have tables available in the chapel and narthex to receive donations of toilet tissue.  Heart, Love, & Soul tells us it is one of their most requested (but least donated) items.  This is something that all of us use daily and most of us take for granted (until we run out, that is).  But it cannot be purchased with EBT cards (formerly called food stamps), so those living in poverty in our city often have difficulty providing this item for their families.  Your gifts will help our neighbors in need maintain their dignity. 

Our OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR, Denise Konopka, sadly will need to leave us after February. If you or someone you know are considering the Office Administrator position, please go to and apply ASAP.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED.  We are in need of greeters for Grace’s upcoming photography sessions taking place in February.  Volunteers will be greeting families, providing families with paperwork to be completed prior to their photo session and keeping the flow of traffic within the building running smoothly.  A sign-up sheet can be found on the glass display case.

St. Peter’s Lutheran School in Sanborn will be hosting their 2ND ANNUAL MEAT RAFFLE on Saturday, February 8 at the Sanborn Fire Hall. Doors will open at 6PM and the first spin will take place at 7PM.  More details may be found on Grace’s bulletin board.

The ALTAR FLOWERS, week by week, are a welcome offering to our worship. Flowers are alive. They are of God’s creation. They are a fragrant offering to the God who created them. They are a symbol of new life in Christ. For all of these reasons, we give thanks to everyone who is moved to give flowers on a particular Sunday. People have given flowers in thanksgiving to God for a family member’s birthday, wedding anniversary, or other blessing. They are also given in memory of a departed loved one or friend.  A flower chart is located in the narthex where available Sunday dates are listed.  The church office will then contact you to obtain your preference in color(s), size (centerpiece/$43 or two (2) vases/$54) and your personalized bulletin announcement.

DONATIONS FOR SNACK.  Every Sunday, after our lesson and before music, we give the students a little snack.  At this time we could use donations of drinks (juice boxes, mini water bottles, etc.).  Please feel free to leave donated beverages near the water cooler in the chapel.

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