Announcements for 3/15

LENT 3: In the third week of Lent, we stare into the “Denying Eyes” of Peter and the other apostles. They could not see how they could ever fall away from Jesus, but after Jesus is betrayed by Judas, ten of them flee, and Peter – when he is spotted by a servant girl and sees that his own neck is on the line – sees fit to deny Jesus, which leads to his own weeping eyes in remorse. We sinners likewise deny our Lord in many ways, but Jesus denied himself to take up the cross for our salvation.

PENNY WAR:  This year we are participating in OPERATION STARFISH through Food for the Poor.  Every $75 we raise will feed one starving child in a developing country for one year.  So far we have raised $83.  Our goal is to raise $1125 which will feed 15 children.  There are several ways to support this mission, including our March Special Mission envelopes, and Loose Change Sunday next week on March 22.  You may also donate your spare change to the Penny War jar which is located on the glass case, or give a donation to one of our Sunday School children for their class banks.  Watch for updates as we continue our project throughout Lent.

SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES for March have been designated to support our Penny War mission, Operation Starfish.  If you would like to support our Sunday School project in this way, please place your special mission envelope in the offering plate before the end of March, or donate to “special mission” online.  If you are using the convenience envelopes in the pews, please mark it clearly as “special mission”.

LOOSE CHANGE SUNDAY is next week!  In support of our Penny War, you will have the opportunity to “lose” your pocket and purse change (or dollars) onto the pews at the end of the service.  Our Sunday School students will hunt for your donations and add what they find to their team banks.  This year we have formed a girls team and a boys team, and they are excited to see who can raise the most money.  Our Sunday School will also serve as readers and ushers for next week’s service, and will sing “God Loves Us So” during the service.  

ATTENTION THRIVENT MEMBERS:  If you have a Thrivent policy or investment, you may have Choice Dollars available from 2019.  Choice Dollars are dollars Thrivent will donate to a charity of your choice, including Grace if desired.  But 2019 dollars need to be designated by 3/31 or you will lose them, so don’t delay.  Log on to Thrivent and choose “Thrivent Choice Dollars”, then follow the directions to designate Grace or another charity.

WE COLLECT STAMPS!  Please consider saving stamps from mail that you receive and placing them in the jar in the donation center.  All stamps are needed EXCEPT flag and bell stamps.  Stamps MUST have 1/4″ border of paper around them, so please keep that in mind when you tear or cut them off the envelope.  Our volunteers trim them, and they are sorted and sold by the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML).  100% of the funds they make go toward LWML mission projects.

DO YOU LIKE TO EAT?  Our non-profit, Help and Hope For Homeless, Inc, has a ” Dine to Donate” fundraiser at the Texas Roadhouse in Tonawanda. It takes place on Tuesday, March 17 and goes from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. You would give our flyer to your server and we will receive 15% of your total food and beverage costs from your bill. Thank you for your support of our fundraiser. Flyers are on the glass case in the fellowship hall. Any questions please see John Loss

GRACE WOMEN’S RETREAT AT PIONEER CAMP. May 1st-3rd. Registration is still open; invite that friend you meant to!  Forms, payments and questions: see Lacey Bahr.

There are additional copies of the Church’s policy and response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Church office.

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