Announcements for 4/12

FLOWER ORDERS FOR EASTER that have been received by the office will be published at a later date when we are able to have an Easter celebration with the congregation.

SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES FOR APRIL have been designated to support Lutheran Church Charities’ (LCC) K-9 Comfort Dogs and LERT teams (Lutheran Emergency Response Teams).  LCC K-9’s are specially trained dogs who travel with their handlers to natural disasters and other crisis situations throughout the US to offer comfort and reassurance of the love of Christ.  Their LERT teams have boots on the ground within 24 hours of disaster declarations.  LCC has separate fundraising activities to support administrative costs, which means that 100% of your donation will go to support the work being done in the field.  You can donate at Grace’s e?Giving site, or send your donation to the church office during April.

GRACE LADIES RUMMAGE SALE:  If you are spending your time at home sorting and cleaning, please keep the ladies’ annual rummage sale in mind.  They will be setting a date for the sale as soon as events are no longer restricted.  Please save all your gently used items (except clothing) to help make this sale a success.  We cannot currently accept your donations at the church building, but if you can find a corner to store items in your home for the present time it would be greatly appreciated.

AREA FOOD PANTRIES have experienced an increase in requests for assistance over the past several weeks. If you would like to help, listed below are agencies accepting donations of food or checks (they are NOT accepting household or clothing items at this time). Please do NOT drop donations at church–we do not have a means of delivery at present.

  • SALVATION ARMY 283-7697 (7018 Buffalo Avenue) from 9 – 3 daily
  • COMMUNITY MISSION 285-3403 (1570 Buffalo Avenue) anytime
  • HEART, LOVE & SOUL 282-5681 (939 Ontario Avenue) from 8 – 10 or 1-3
  • LORD’S DAY DINNER 284-6973 (1317 Ashland Avenue) needs donations of hams, macaroni, sauce, & vegetables by Friday 4/10 for their dinner on 4/12.
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