Announcements for 7/26

WE WILL CONTINUE TO ACCEPT donations of SOCKS, UNDERWEAR, AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES through August for the children in need at Harry Abate Elementary School in Niagara Falls, one of our inner city grade schools.  They continue to have a great need for these items, even with distance learning.  So no matter what the school situation looks like in September, they anticipate that there will be numerous requests for help.  Please remember this mission as you are out shopping, and THANK YOU to those who have already donated.

SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES for July & August are designated to support our local food pantries.  Food pantries across the country have experienced tremendous increases in requests for help since the onset of the pandemic, and our local pantries are no exception.  Your donations in the Special Mission envelopes from your packets, or the Special Mission option online, will be split evenly between Community Mission, Salvation Army, Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission, and Heart, Love, & Soul.  Thank you for your generosity in helping our neighbors.

Does life matter? The value of life is not based on assets accumulated or popularity with the most people. Value of days is utterly connected with constant witness to Jesus. Do you ever let your humbleness convince you that you can’t really do much? Even a “modest” gift from an estate may be part of God’s plan to supply crucial future ministry needs, all with an aim at sharing Jesus with a world that desperately needs the life He alone can give. Each one works with whatever gifts God provides. Your LCMS Gift Planning Counselor can help you focus that work through your estate. Contact Robert Wirth, LCMS Foundation Gift Planner @ ( robert.wirth (at) lfnd (dot) org or 716-863-4427.

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