Announcements for Sunday 9/13

ALTAR FLOWERS today are given by Sue Loss giving all honor and praise to our Lord for his abundant blessings in her husband’s life, John celebrates his 80th birthday on September 15th.

STOCK THE SHOPPE:  Our September Social Ministries project will support Summit Life Resources.  Summit is a Christian organization located in Niagara Falls that is committed to helping women in crisis pregnancy situations.  Summit offers support through free pregnancy testing and sonograms, counseling, parenting and childcare education, and referrals to agencies that can help meet their many needs.  To encourage attendance at various sessions, clients earn credits with each contact that allow them to choose baby items from the Summit Parenting Shoppe.  We will be accepting donations of baby clothes, diapers, wipes, infant toiletries, and baby blankets to help “Stock the Shoppe”.  If you would like to support this project, tables are available in the narthex and chapel for your gifts.

FLU SHOT CLINIC TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY:  Rite Aid will be at Grace on Sunday, September 27, at 11:30 to administer flu shots after our worship service.  If you are live-streaming from home, you are welcome to come after the service to receive your vaccine.  Please arrive by noon at the latest.  Masks are required and distancing will be observed.  

SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES for September & October will support Lutheran education at St. John & Holy Ghost schools.  Students at these schools hear the Word of God daily as they follow New York State approved curriculums.  Both schools are consistently rated as excellent by Business First’s annual review of all area schools.  In today’s world, the choice of quality education for our children in a Christian environment is becoming increasingly important.  If you have questions or would like to learn more, Marla Crawford, Jane Schulz, Katelyn Pantano, and Lacey Bahr (all members of Grace) work at these schools, and would be happy to talk with you.

SOCIAL MINISTRIES MEETING–we will hold our September meeting in person next Sunday after worship.  We will distance in the sanctuary and use the microphone so everyone can hear.  Sorry, but no lunch this time around, but the meeting should run no longer than 45 minutes.  Committee members will be receiving an agenda to review ahead of time.  If you cannot attend this meeting, please contact Amy Folmsbee with your opinions and comments prior to the meeting.  Her contact information will be provided with the agenda.

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