Announcements for Sunday, 12/6

HOLY COMMUNION DISTRIBUTION in the parking lot for those participating online will be from 1:30-1:45 today. This is a one-time-only change due to the Voters’ meeting.

“EXPLORING THE LUTHERAN FAITH” CLASS starts today after the Voters’ meeting.

LAST OPPORTUNITY:  Next Sunday is the last day to donate TURKEYS & HAMS.  Donations are needed to help our local soup kitchens provide holiday meals for our neighbors in need.  They can be stored in our downstairs kitchen freezer.  If you need help carrying your donation, an usher will be glad to assist you.  

IF YOU ARE LIVE-STREAMING and you would like to donate a turkey or ham, you can arrange a drop off time by calling Erin in the office.  We are also accepting gift card donations from grocery stores, Walmart, & Target, which the soup kitchens can use to purchase the items they need to serve our neighbors in need.  If you wish to participate in our Advent Giving Tree project, you can find a list of needed items in the recent edition of the Gleanings, which can also be found online at

ADVENT GIVING TREES are now available in the narthex and chapel.  If you would like to participate in this project, please take a tag (or tags) from the tree and bring the item (unwrapped) back to the table as soon as you are able.  We are supporting four agencies this year, including Heart, Love, & Soul, Summit Life Resources, Gospel Rescue Mission, and the Magdalene Project.  All donations will be used locally to help those in our community who are struggling.

HELP & HOPE FOR THE HOMELESS, INC., a local charity founded by Grace member John Loss, is designated as our December Special Mission envelope agency.  This charity continues to work toward helping the homeless through job training and associated skills.  If you would like to support the homeless in our city through this charity, please place your Special Mission envelope in the offering plate during December, send it to the office, or donate to Special Missions online at

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN HISTORY? We have received a box of GLC historical documents. Some very interesting, others mundane. We’re looking for someone who’d like to be a hobbyist historian to go through the documents, sorting, cataloging, and comparing it to our archives to decide what should be kept. Please call the office if this is a good fit for your interests & talents.