Announcements for Sunday 12/27

CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS on our altar are given to the Glory of God, in memory of our loved ones, and in thankfulness for all Blessings received. “Glory to the Newborn King!”

THANK YOU for participating in this year’s Advent Giving Tree project.  Please place your donations on the tables by next Sunday, January 3.  We are partnering with four agencies this year, including Heart, Love, & Soul, Summit Life Resources, Gospel Rescue Mission, and the Magdalene Project.  Your gifts will be delivered at the beginning of January to help our neighbors in need.

TODAY IS THE LAST SUNDAY to donate to our December Special Mission, HELP & HOPE FOR THE HOMELESS, INC.  This is a local charity founded by Grace member John Loss, This charity continues to work toward helping the homeless in our city through job training and associated skills.  If you would like to support this work, please place your Special Mission envelope in the offering plate, send it to the office, or donate to Special Missions online at

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