Announcements for Sunday 1/3/21

FLOWER CHART for2021 is now up and hanging in the narthex. You may also sign up by calling the office. Cost for a centerpiece is $45, or you can choose two vases at a cost of $56.

MEALS ON WHEELS OF NIAGARA FALLS is our designated special mission for January.  This is a local agency that delivers meals to Niagara Falls residents who are in need of help with cooking due to illness, disability, or age related issues.  Since they have no income requirements to qualify for assistance, they are able to serve many who would otherwise fall through the cracks.  However, that also means that they are NOT eligible to receive any government funding.  Their only sources of revenue are from donations and from a nominal fee they charge for the meals ($7.50 per day for two meals).  This organization was started 50 years ago by members of St. Paul Lutheran Church on 18th Street, and many of our members have volunteered with them over the years.  If you would like to support their work, please place your special mission envelope in the offering plate during January, send it to the office, or donate online under “special mission”.  If you would like to volunteer in their kitchen, or as a driver, server, or on cleanup, please contact them at 282-3468.