Announcements for Sunday, 1/31

ALL HYMNS in our worship service today are composed by Dr. Carl F. Schalk. Dr. Schalk was a highly influential Lutheran musician and was Distinguished Professor of Music Emeritus at Concordia University Chicago, teaching over forty years there and founding its Master of Church Music program. He faithfully served God in the LCMS from 1952 until his death this past Sunday at age 91. Dr. Schalk assisted in the development of two of our hymnals and has four hymn tunes featured in the Lutheran Service Book. He also published a plethora of fine choral works, most of which are written with the small church choir in mind. “Lord, now You let Your servant go in peace, Your Word has been fulfilled.”

TODAY IS the last opportunity to donate to MEALS ON WHEELS OF NIAGARA FALLS, our designated special mission for January.  This is a local agency serving the ill, disabled, and elderly in our city.  They are NOT affiliated with national Meals on Wheels programs, and do NOT receive any government funding.  Because they have no income requirements to qualify for assistance, they are able to serve many who would otherwise fall through the cracks.  This organization was started 50 years ago by members of St. Paul Lutheran Church on 18th Street, and many of our members have volunteered with them over the years.  If you would like to support their work, please place a clearly marked envelope in today’s offering plate, or donate online under “special mission”.    

DO YOU REMEMBER how you felt last year when the pandemic created a run on toilet tissue, and for weeks all we could find was empty shelves?  Social media was suddenly flooded with “sightings” of this item, followed by people running to the store to try to knab a package before the shelves were empty once again.  It certainly made us appreciate something we had always taken for granted.  For our neighbors with financial struggles, buying toilet tissue can be an ongoing issue since it cannot be purchased with EBT cards (food stamps).  Our FEBRUARY MISSION PROJECT will provide tables beginning next Sunday to receive donations of toilet tissue for distribution by Heart, Love & Soul.  Please consider purchasing an extra package or two during February to help those in need.

FLOWER CHART for2021 is now up and hanging in the narthex. You may also sign up by calling the office. Cost for a centerpiece is $45, or you can choose two vases at a cost of $56.

GRACE’S HISTORICAL TEAM has had our first meeting and begun work on Grace’s historical documents. Please notify us if you possess of any artifacts, historical records, stories, or items of interest from old Zion/Grace congregation. Please help us by identifying any items you have, contacting a team member to share what you have, and copying and/or donating any items you find.

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