Announcements for Sunday, 2/21

FEBRUARY’S SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES are designated to support Young Life, a group with local chapters whose purpose is to bring teens to the knowledge of our loving Savior.  As with most non-profits, traditional fundraising has become a challenge over the past year because of the pandemic.  We have several members that have participated in Young Life activities over the years.  Dick Crawford has remained connected with this organization and would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding their local work.  If you would like to support Young Life, please use your February special mission envelope or donate to special missions online at our church’s website.  

NEXT SUNDAY is the last opportunity to donate to our TOILET TISSUE MISSION PROJECT.  Tables are available in the chapel and narthex to accept donations of toilet tissue through the month of February.  Your donations will be distributed by Heart, Love & Soul to the clients they serve in Niagara Falls.  For our neighbors with financial struggles, buying toilet tissue is often an ongoing issue since it cannot be purchased with EBT cards (food stamps).  This is an item that is seldom donated, and therefore it is one of our most appreciated mission projects.  If you wish to support this project, please place your gifts on one of the tables by next Sunday.