Announcements for Sunday, 3/14

LENTEN HYMN SING – WEDNESDAY 6:30 PM – There will be another Lenten hymn sing this Wednesday (and each Wednesday during Lent) at 6:30. Find the link ( on our YouTube channel or scan this QR code. How do we choose what hymns to sing? You ask for them! Last week’s requested hymns were: O Jesus So Sweet, O Jesus So Mild; Beautiful Savior; Drawn to the Cross, Which Thou Hast Blessed; Lord of All Hopefulness; Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus; Jesus Loves Me; I Bind Unto Myself Today; A Mighty Fortress; The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want; My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less; When Peace, Like A River; Go to Dark Gethsemane; We Praise Thee and Acknowledge Thee, O God; Abide with Me.

MARCH SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES have been designated to help Wings Flights of Hope.  Wings is a local 100% volunteer organization that is completely reliant on charitable donations.  They provide free air transportation to any person, any age, in need of medical attention at a specialized medical center.  Their pilots donate their time, planes, and all expenses so that this service is FREE to the patient and their family.  Considering that an air ambulance would normally cost in the vicinity of $20,000, Wings provides an important service to our community.  Their fundraising activities over the past year have been greatly impacted by the pandemic, and help is needed so they can continue their mission.  If you would like to offer your support, please use your special mission envelope during March, or donate on the Grace website under “special mission”.

THANK YOU for your generous donations to our February mission project of providing toilet tissue for our neighbors in need.  Your gifts, along with support from Thrivent, resulted in being able to donate 864 rolls of tissue to Heart, Love & Soul.  They will distribute these donations to their clients over the coming weeks.  It is one of their most appreciated items since it is something that is needed everyday but seldom available for distribution.

GRACE HISTORICAL TEAM’S next meeting is set for Saturday, March 20 at 1 p.m. We will look over any new items brought to the Team’s attention. Suggestions are always welcome. Stories are the most prized items. Contact any of the Team members: Ken Boyd, Marla Crawford, Elaine Timm, or emeritus Pastor Brese.  Items may also be left with our office manager, Erin.

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