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UNIT 2 STARTS 11/28/21

LESSON 2: Jeremiah 1: 4-10; 29: 1-14; 31: 31-34; 33: 14-16 “Comfort in Captivity” When Nebuchadnezzar takes the Israelites into exile in Babylon, Jeremiah writes to the exiles, assuring them of God’s continuing care for them. Through Jeremiah, God promises a new covenant where His people will live eternally through Jesus.

Lesson 1: 1 Kings 11: 9-13, 26-40; 12: 1-24 “A Divided Kingdom”. Solomon’s heir, Rehoboam, ignored the pleas of the people to lighten their load; instead, he threatened to make their workload even more difficult. Angered by his response, ten tribes of Israel make Jeroboam their leader, leaving Rehoboam to lead only the tribes of Judah and Benjamin in Jerusalem, where the temple was.


LESSON 14: 11/21/21 2 Samuel 4:4; 9:1-13 “The King’s Table” is the title of next week’s lesson. Mephiboseth, Jonathan’s son, suffered crippling injuries at age 5 while escaping Saul’s enemies with this nurse. Once David established his kingdom, his thoughts turned to whether there were any survivors from Saul and Jonathan’s line. Discovering Mephiboseth, David bestows on him Saul’s land and fortune. Mephiboseth’s family moves to Jerusalem where he always eats at the king’s table.

LESSON 13: 11/14/21 1 Samuel 16: 1-13; 2 Samuel 5: 1-5, 7: 4-17. “A King Forever,” looks to our forever King, Jesus. God sends Samuel to anoint the next king of Israel.  God rejects each of Jesse’s sons, so Samuel sends for the youngest, David, whom God has chosen to become the greatest king of Israel. Surviving Saul’s insane jealousy, David becomes king and establishes Jerusalem as his stronghold.

LESSON 12: 11/7/21 1 Samuel 3 “A Prophet Serves.” Having been raised in the tabernacle from the time he was a young child, Samuel continues to serve Eli the priest. One night, Samuel runs to Eli, thinking Eli is calling his name. Eli sends Samuel back to bed, assuring him he did not. As the pattern repeats, Eli sent him back to bed again but next time to respond, “Speak LORD, for Your servant hears”. When the Lord calls once again, He gives Samuel a vision of how Samuel will success Eli rather than Eli’s “worthless” sons.

LESSON 11: 10/31/21 Judges 7: 1-23 “A Judge Leads”.  God called Gideon to lead His chosen people against their Midianite enemies. God leads Gideon to reduce his army from 32,000 men to a mere 300. Reassured by the Lord, Gideon moves forward with God’s improbable plan. Armed with only torches and trumpets, Gideon’s mini army defeats the mighty Midianite force without lifting a sword.

LESSON 10: 10/24/21 Joshua 3:1 – 4:18 “The Land at Last”. For forty years, the Israelites wandered on sandals that didn’t wear out and ate daily doses of manna. Following Moses’ death, Joshua prepares to lead a new generation into the Promised Land. This time, the floodwaters of the Jordan River stand in the way; but, hearkening back to the Red Sea crossing, the people pass through on dry land as they gather twelve stones for a memorial to God’s faithful care for His people.

LESSON 9: 10/17/21 Exodus 20: 1-21 “ A Loving Law”. Months into their wilderness wanderings, the Israelites arrive in the wilderness of Sinai. God comes to the mountain in clouds and thunder – fire and smoke – as He establishes His covenant with His people through Moses, His chosen intermediary. There on the mountain, God gives Moses His Ten Commandments.

LESSONS 7&8: 10/10/21 Next week we will be taking on two lessons: 1) Exodus 2:23 – 3:22: “Fiery Directions” – Miraculously rescued through the waters of the Nile by Pharoah’s daughter, Moses escaped the condemnation pronounced on the other Hebrew boys. Leaving behind his life of privilege, he flees to Midian, where he encounters the living God in a burning bush. There God directs and equips Moses to rescue His chosen people from their slavery in Egypt. 2) Exodus 14: “The Egypt Exit” – Tells of the ten terrible plagues and how Pharaoh relents and releases the Israelites to worship in the wilderness. Pharaoh’s army pursues them when he realizes they will not be returning. The people cry out to God when they realize they are stuck between Pharaoh’ army and the Red Sea and Moses stretches his hand over the sea as God parts the water allowing the people to pass through. As Pharaoh’s army tries to follow the sea closes and no one survives.

LESSONS 5&6: 10/03/21 1) Genesis 28: 10-22 “A Promising Dream” – Jacob undeservedly receives his father’s blessing – he and his offspring will dwell in the land of Canaan. As his father nears the end and Jacob fears for his life he sets out for his uncle’s house. Along the way, he dreams of a ladder reaching to heaven, with the Lord Himself standing at the top. 2) Genesis 37; 45: 1-10, 50:20 “Hope in Hardship” is the account of Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph – the unusual timeline of his life includes being despised by his brothers, being sold into slavery, attaining success and then losing it to false accusations, being imprisoned, and serving in the court of Pharoah.

LESSON 4: 9/26/21 Genesis 12: 1-9: This lesson, “A Call to Action”, Abram responds to God’s calling as he leaves his idolatry and homeland to follow the one true God. Abram takes his wife, Sarai, and nephew Lot as they journey to the land of Canaan. The Lord’s appearance prompts Abram to build an altar, celebrating God’s promise to give this land to his descendants.

LESSON 3: 9/19/21 Genesis 6:11-22; 7:11-24; 8:13-22: Widespread sin and corruption filled the earth, but “Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD”  (Genesis 6:8). In today’s lesson, “A New Beginning”, students will learn how, following God’s command, Noah and his family began constructing a massive ark, with provisions for an extended journey. At the Lord’s direction, each animal kind boards the ark, along with Noah and his family. The fountains of deep open and rain falls for forty days, swallowing up every living thing. Through the flood, God keeps Noah’s family safe and lands them on a mountain.

LESSON 1 & 2 Summaries – Sunday, September 12th

1: The lesson this week is “A Mighty Wonder”. In six days – through His spoken Word alone – the heavenly Father creates a universe so vast and complex it defies our limited human understanding. Humankind, the crown of His creation, made in His own image, comes to be through the intimate work of His hands and with His own breath. Discuss the wonders of God’s creation with your family.

2: Today, we will study “The Fall and a Promise”. The slithery serpent caused Eve to doubt God’s Word with one simple question: “Did God actually say…?” (Genesis 3:1). Seeking to gain wisdom, Eve and Adam rebel against their Creator. Suddenly aware of their condition before God, they vainly attempt to hide their sinful exposure. With sin comes punishment that is just; yet our heavenly Father does not leave humankind without hope. Instead, He promises One who will come to rescue His people from the jaws of death and Satan. As a family, discuss the importance of God’s promise of the Savior.

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