Announcements for Sunday, July 4

CAMP PIONEER will be receiving a donation of $850 as a result of your generous gifts to our June Special Mission.  Thank you for supporting our camp as they restore and enhance the facility and its ministry.

TABLES ARE NOW AVAILABLE in the narthex and chapel for our summer mission project, collecting donations of SCHOOL SUPPLIES, SOCKS, & UNDERWEAR for our city’s elementary school children that are in need.  This year, because of a new “sister school” arrangement in the school district, all three of our inner-city elementary schools will benefit from this project.  Harry Abate, Niagara Street, and Kalfas will distribute our donations directly to their students as their teachers and nurses identify a need.  Over 75% of the families at these schools are living at or below the poverty level.  We have been in contact with one of the principals, and she has assured us that there is a great need for these items.  Thank you for remembering this project as you shop this summer!

JULY SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES have been designated to support NIAGARA HOSPICE, an accredited local agency that works to provide comfort, dignity, and improved quality of life for patients and families facing end-of-life situations.  Physical care as well as spiritual and emotional support is provided by professionals in various settings, including private homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals, as well as their own Hospice House facility.  If you would like to support the work of Niagara Hospice, please use your July special mission envelope or donate to special missions online during July.

THANK YOU for your generous support of our “Stock the Shoppe” project benefitting Summit Life Outreach Center.  Your many beautiful gifts have been delivered to Summit for use in their Parenting Shoppe.  Parents experiencing financial and emotional difficulties resulting from an unplanned pregnancy can shop for free with credits they earn for attendance at counseling and educational sessions.  Thank you to those who worked to make this project a success, including Wendy Coleman, Alice Moll, and Jane Schulz.

ANOTHER THANK YOU to everyone who filled Baby Bottle Banks for Summit’s annual fundraising campaign.  Your donations totaled $437.97.  These funds will be used by Summit to purchase supplies needed by their volunteers, counselors, and teachers as they provide information, support, and resources to their clients.

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