Announcements for Sunday, September 19th

NEXT SUNDAY Rite Aid will be offering a FLU SHOTS at Grace after worship.  Most insurances are accepted.  Appointments are not needed.

SOCIAL MINISTRIES will meet after worship today in the CHAPEL.  Please mark your calendars.  Pizza and drinks will be provided.  New members are welcome.

SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES for September and October are designated to support Christian education at St. John and Holy Ghost Lutheran Schools.  Both of these schools teach and reinforce Christian beliefs and values to their students.  In addition, they are ranked as top schools among all public and private schools in our area.  Many of our congregation’s families have sent their children to these schools, and we have several members who are (or have been) faculty members, including Marla Crawford, Jane Schulz, Lacey Bahr, and Katelyn Pantano.  They, along with Pastor Bahr, would welcome any questions you may have about our schools and the advantages of Christian education in today’s world.  

CHOIR REHEARSALS will resume soon.  New members are needed.  We plan to meet on an intermittent schedule to prepare for upcoming special and holiday services.   If you were attending choir rehearsals prior to COVID, we have you on our contact list.  If you did not previously attend but are interested, please leave your contact information with the office.  Dates and times will be available soon.

GLEANINGS DEADLINE was last week, if you have any last minute submissions please have them into the church office no later than Monday, September 20th.

The 2021 FLOWER CHART still has open dates for the remainder of the year and is hanging in the narthex. Cost for a centerpiece is $45, or you can choose two vases at a cost of $56.

If you sign up or already have signed up for a date, please find the altar flower order form outside either sanctuary entrance. Please complete the form and return to the church office no later than the Tuesday before your date.

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