Announcements for Sunday, 6/20

JUNE SPECIAL MISSION ENVELOPES have been designated to support CAMP PIONEER.  Concordia Lutheran Ministries is arranging to purchase the property and Friends of Pioneer will operate and manage the camp.  Both groups are Recognized Service Organizations of the LCMS.  This arrangement is allowing a fresh start, completely debt free!  Every dollar raised or donated will go directly into the ministry of Pioneer to restore, expand, and enhance the facility and its ministry.  You can support Camp Pioneer by using your June mission envelope, or by donating on the Grace web page under “special mission” before the end of June.

TODAY IS THE LAST OPPORTUNITY TO “STOCK THE SHOPPE”–Tables are available in the chapel and narthex to accept donations of new baby clothes, diapers, and baby toiletries for SUMMIT LIFE OUTREACH CENTER.  Thank you for your generous donations.  Your gifts will help the young women being served by Summit as they receive counseling and parenting education to help them prepare for their babies.

PLEASE RETURN YOUR BABY BOTTLE BANKS from our Summit Life Outreach tables to Alice Moll as soon as possible.  The money raised from this annual fundraiser will help to purchase supplies needed by the volunteers at Summit.  

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